Ways To Work Auto Loans

When the association was created in 2007, there were only a few mopeds. Today, no less than 54 cars and 55 scooters are made available by Mobilité emploi service.

Located in Agneaux, the structure allows the inhabitants of the 68 communes of Saint-Lô agglo to benefit from a loan of vehicle or two-wheeler, for a few days or for several months, in order to get to their place of work. . "We have two objectives: to allow companies to benefit from the entire workforce present in the territory and to give the inhabitants of the agglomeration, without professional activity, to find a job" , explains Hervé Brixtel , president of the structure which has three employees

By paying a symbolic € 2 at the time of joining the association, the applicant can claim to rent a car up to € 5 per day or a scooter, for shorter trips, for € 3 per day.

A new feature has been added to the device from the 1 st  January 2018. Now, at the request of employees, 20 km are awarded for personal trips with the loan of a car, and 10 km with a scooter.

A service that meets the needs of employees who are not in the vehicle but also those whose cars have temporarily broken down, as is the case ways to work car loans for Sophie Bosquet, a resident of Saint-Jean-des-Baisants, who called on association, a few weeks ago, because it no longer had a vehicle to get to its place of work. “I am a life support worker and I have to take patients on a daily basis to do their shopping or to medical appointments. It is therefore essential for me to be conveyed. "

As for public transport, "they are not adapted to my working hours" , underlines the mother, who must also make daily trips between her home and the school.

"There is no time limit, whether for an interview, an internship, a training or a fixed-term contract, we can lend a vehicle from half a day to several months" .

The only criterion for the beneficiary is to live in one of the 68 municipalities in the agglomeration. "Our objective is to allow employees to obtain financial stability which will allow them, after a few months, to be able to buy their own vehicles" , continues Hervé Brixtel.

With 70% of the population living in rural areas and due to the heterogeneous location of Manchese businesses, demand continues to grow. “We are, for the moment, unable to meet all of the needs. Our fleet of vehicles does not allow us to give a favorable response to each applicant, who is placed on the waiting list until a car becomes available ,  regrets Hervé Brixtel.


In fact, the system, which is essentially based on subsidies, has seen its budget reduced since last year, "which has a direct impact on applicants since we are not financially able to buy more scooters and cars" .

However, the president does not plan to review these targets downward: "we hope to reach a hundred cars and a hundred scooters, without setting a deadline because everything will depend on the funding that will be granted to us" .

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