Donate Car To Charity Houston

In the city where two thousand people are rescued, thousands more are waiting to get help from rescue officers. More than 20 helicopters have been deployed to save those trapped on the roofs of the houses.

Hundreds of large and small boats and boats also participate in the rescue efforts.

A hospital in the city has also been evacuated, according to the latest reports from Houston.

The US National Meteorological Service (NWS) has announced that the precipitation that has fallen to the region is at a level never seen before.

It is expected that excessive rainfall donate car in huston will last until Wednesday and approximately 125 cm of precipitation will fall in the regions where the storm is effective.

Approximately 6.6 million people live in Houston, the fourth largest city in the USA.

So far, two people have died in the region due to storm and flood related reasons.

According to the information confirmed by the authorities,

  • A person died in a fire in a house in the Aransas region on Friday.
  • A woman driving in the streets of Houston on Saturday drowned in flood waters.

According to the statement made by the sheriff's office in the region of Haris, there may be people who lost their lives in flooded vehicles.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott stated that 250 highways have been closed across the state, and 19 provinces and counties in the state have been declared disasters.

"Incredibly heavy rain will continue," the governor said.

Many places in the region, including fairgrounds, have been turned into temporary shelters.


US President Donald Trump will travel to Texas tomorrow to investigate the damage on the spot.

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